We need healthcare.

We need healthcare.

Rapid Growth, Rising Health Risks:

Our region’s growth outpaces most of BC yet lacks critical essential care while facing higher rates of heart attacks, strokes, and cancer than the South Island.

Our political, medical, business, Indigenous and community at large are standing shoulder to shoulder to ensure the planning process for a new tertiary hospital tower in Nanaimo begins immediately and commitment to a Cath Lab is made. Join us in demanding Fair Care now.

As the tertiary hospital for the entire Central and North Island, this is Nanaimo Regional General Hospital's reality:

Too Few Beds

One of the busiest ERs on Vancouver Island. Regularly treating over 400 inpatients in a 346 bed facility.


With just one on-call internist serving over 400 patients, the hospital is unable to offer the care residents need.

No Cath Lab

The only region with a population over 400,000 in Canada without a Cath lab. Victoria has 2.

Unsafe Hospital

In 2010 a 386 page report summarized NRGH (now 61 years old) to be “Grossly Inadequate” with “Extremely Outdated Care Units.” Download report here.

Too Few Cardiologists​

Only two cardiologists are available, compared to 22 in Victoria.​

The consequences are dire:

Overflowing ER

NRGH’s ER is one of the busiest on the island with risky wait times.

Failed Standards

Without a Cath Lab we cannot meet the Canadian standard of cardiac care of “door to needle in 90 minutes” for the majority of the region.

Fatal Outcomes

Patients with heart disease face significant challenges accessing necessary care, some resulting in fatal outcomes.

Earthquake Risk

In the 2010 review NRGH failed seismic testing. Download review here.

These challenges place every resident of Central and North Vancouver Island at risk, and the risk increases as our population grows and ages.

As someone who has personally dealt with heart problems, I cannot stress enough the urgency of addressing the critical lack of cardiac care in Central and North Island. Lives are at risk due to the absence of a Cath Lab, leaving patients vulnerable and families burdened with the financial strain.

Our Mission is to ensure that all people North of the Malahat have access to appropriate and comprehensive, tertiary healthcare in Nanaimo on the traditional territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation.

The Fair Care Alliance is a coalition of medical, business, Indigenous, municipal, philanthropic, and regional leaders, and community at large, standing shoulder to shoulder to ensure fair access to health care for the 460,000 citizens living in North and Central Vancouver Island.

What Our Region Needs:

A Full Service Hospital Tower

Establish a new patient tower at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (NRGH) to function as both a diagnostic and treatment centre, and new programs necessary for a tertiary hospital. This includes increasing NRGH's total bed capacity to 600. The new patient tower would effectively address the various deficiencies present in our existing 1963 building, ensuring a safer and more efficient delivery of care.

A Cath Lab

Urgently implement a cardiac catheterization lab at NRGH to address the critical need for cardiac care in the region.


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