From: Anonymous

I started with mild back pain in 2021. The pain slowly increased and in early 2023 I had an x-ray and MRI which showed that I had Severe Spinal Stenosis. I was told to go to physio, which I did. In Feb 2024 the pain became excruciating and debilitating. I am now taking multiple medications. I had another MRI this past week which showed that I have Advanced Spinal Stenosis. I have been offered an Epidural Injection at the end of this month in Nanaimo, which scares me. I am on a waiting list to see a neurosurgeon but have been told it may be a year or so before I will be able to do so. I live in Courtenay and the neurosurgeon is in Victoria, a 3-hour trip one way. Should I find the funds to make a trip to the US for surgery, or suffer with terrible pain for who knows how long?