The Issue

An island of Haves and Have-nots:
Missing or incomplete services in Nanaimo

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Our population is one of the fastest-growing and fastest-aging in Canada.

Our healthcare system is unprepared.

We're the forgotten half.

Half the island population gets 1/5 of the health resources

Number of specialists in these areas Nanaimo & Central Island/North Island Greater Victoria
Hospital Size 346 (400+ inpatient beds regularly) RJH 500 / VGH 344
Cardiologists 2 22
Catheterization Lab 0 2
Medical Oncologists 0 30+
Gastrointesinal 3 16
Internal Medicine 10 26
Interventional Radiology 0 5
Neurology 3 15
Rehabilitation Medicine 6 10
Thoracic Surgery 0 4
Vascular Surgery 0 7
Adult Psychiatrists 18 80
Paediatric Psychiatrists 1 13

Our healthcare system is not meeting the appropriate standards for heart attack or cardiac care.

Our current standard is clot-busting drugs (blood thinners) and delayed transfer to a Cath Lab. 

Join us to demand better healthcare. ​

Inadequate, grossly outdated Inpatient Care Units. The existing inpatient care unit designs are now over 50 years old in the original 1963 nursing tower. They are extremely outdated in supporting and addressing today’s care programs, patient safety, and infection control issues due to the high number of multi-bedded rooms. They contain grossly undersized, totally inaccessible two fixture washrooms, sometimes shared between two rooms. The units require long staff in-flight travel distances from care stations to patients. In addition, the units have totally inadequate support space, which results in hallways that are lined with linen carts, housekeeping carts and medication carts.