From: Anonymous

On April 8, 2024 (9 weeks ago) I was hospitalized overnight with a TIA that was brought on by an anxiety attack. I had an MRI and CT Scan before I was discharged from the hospital on April 9th. I was given prescriptions for the largest dose of atorvastatin (80 mg per day 20 times what I had been taking every second day) that can be administered to a patient and a significant increase in blood pressure medication as well as a blood thinner, Apo-Clopidogrel. The side effects of these particular medications scare me and cause stress which is a trigger to a TIA. I needed explanations about the medications as well as interpretations of the MRI and CT scans. Still, I am waiting for my follow-up appointment with a neurologist/heart specialist. I was told by our Rapid Stroke Clinic here in Nanaimo that after I did my week holter test they would make an appointment for me. After many phone calls to the Stroke Clinic, they then said they didn’t have a referral from a doctor. My doctor said he had submitted a referral on April 9th. My doctor’s receptionist was unable to get through to the Stroke Clinic to see when I could have a Follow-Up appointment. Once it was the month of May and one could not get any answer at the Hospital Stroke Clinic and it doesn’t allow one to leave a voice message, I decided to go to Emergency. They could get through to the Stroke Clinic on the phone and explained my situation. Two days later I did receive a call from the Stroke Clinic but the doctor who I was to see was going on holiday for two weeks in a week so no appointment could be made until after that. Through persistence I now have my Follow-Up appointment on June 25th – twelve weeks or 3 months after the original TIA. The cause of my TIAs is STRESS and anxiety. All I have got from our present Heart Health system is MORE STRESS!