From: Anonymous

In 2017 I was diagnosed with Afib (for me a flutter), as I have low blood pressure I was put on Digoxin. Fast forward to 2023, Digoxin was no longer controlling my flutter and I was referred to a cardiologist in Victoria in July 2023, and put on a new drug, Sotalol, to control my flutter. On Nov 17th I finally saw the cardiologist. As I have been experiencing daily headaches, my blood pressure is now high (a reaction to Sotalol) and I am recommended to have an oblation. The problem is the waitlist. I am now being told it is likely I will not be scheduled until November or December of 2024. I am currently consuming 5 to 6 extra strength Tylenol daily for the headaches as they rarely stop and my blood pressure continues to be very high. My options, I am being told, are to go off the Sotalol and should my flutter get uncontrollable go to emergency, which I feel is ridiculous as the ER is already out of control. I am doing my best not to overdose on Tylenol and negatively impact my liver’s health.