From: Anonymous

My husband was referred in October 2023 to RJH Cardiology for an urgent angiogram. He never got it even though I tried to talk to the angiogram department there on numerous occasions as he got sicker. On Jan 18, 2024, he had a cardiac event and was rushed to NRGH. They were unable to give him the help he needed so on Jan 19 he was rushed to RJH. By then he was not well enough to have an angiogram and they had to wait 2 weeks as his kidneys were now affected. Then they did the angiogram but determined that he needed open heart surgery. The surgeon said he wouldn’t survive the surgery. So they offered him another angiogram that would be extremely high risk in his condition. He agreed and had stents put in but passed away 4 days later. I believe that if he had had the angiogram when it was initially requested he would still be here today.